Welcome to the website for the summer school on Human-Computer Interaction in Safety Critical Environments. The summer school is hosted by the University of Oldenburg and will take place from 1st to 5th of July 2019.

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Safety Critical Environments, i.e., systems whose failure either endanger human life or cause drastic economic losses, form the technological backbone of today’s society and are an integral part in such vastly diverse industrial sectors as automotive, aerospace, maritime, automation, energy, health care, banking, and others. Such systems are safety critical – human errors, technical failures and malicious manipulation of information can cause catastrophic events leading to loss of life.

The summer school gives you insights into the human-computer interaction  in such safety critical environments from a scientific perspective but also give the opportunity to get hands on latest research prototypes and systems ranging from automated driving, maritime navigation to emergency health care, energy control rooms and manufacturing.


Our program includes eleven national and international speaker coming from different areas of research. Each day of our summer school will take a look at a specific safety critical environment.  On Monday, we will focus on the maritime domain with an opening talk from Margareta Lützhöft. Further, we will have a simulator visit and a maritime prototyping session. On Tuesday, we explore the energy domain with a talk from Tilo Mentler and we will visit the control rooms of a local energy provider (EWE). Additionally, there will be a talk about crisis management by Marèn Schorch. On Wednesday, we will take a closer look at autonomous vehicles with talks by Andreas Riener and Jelmer Borst. Later that day, we will hear about the recent issues with the Boeing 737 Max 8 from Philippe Palanque. On Thursday is our health day. We will start with a talk on ethics in healthcare  by Mark Schweda, followed by talks from Christian Hansen and Dirk Hüske Kraus about surgery and intensive care units. On Friday, we will close the summer school with a more focused view on HCI for Drones on Friday by Jessica Cauchard. Some of the topics will offer interactive formats including workshops / prototyping sessions and simulator visits. And on every evening, we will offer a different activity to network and to get to know some of our speakers – from paddleboat to brewery.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the summer school in Oldenburg, Germany!


The summer school is sponsored by the GI specialized group “Human-machine interaction in safety critical systems.”


The summer school is hosted by the University of Oldenburg.